Kitchen Cabinet Deconstruction

You can help the community by letting the Habitat ReStore find a new home for your old kitchen cabinets! Help us create a world where everyone has a decent place to live; one cabinet donation at a time.

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Kitchen Cabinet Deconstruction

Help us create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.
Your kitchen remodel may qualify for a NO-COST cabinet removal and would support GDM Habitat for Humanity’s mission of building homes, communities, and hope.

• Typical removal by our experienced deconstruction team takes less than one day

• Save money and hassle of removing and disposing of materials

• Working appliance, fixture, and countertop removal available

• Keep usable materials out of the landfill

• Donations are tax-deductible

• Fully-insured crew

To schedule a kitchen assessment, contact Robert Walsh, ReStore Donations Manager at
515-309-0224 ext: 118 or for more information.

family stories


Tem & Lia

“This is our house, this is our home and it will make our lives better. We are thankful for Habitat in helping us buy a house.”



“As a homeowner, I will feel confidence. I will be powerful. I will be able to take care of my kids and help them be successful.”

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